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Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging :-

Vacuum bag packaging is one of the best flexible packaging methods used as bags are shelf friendly and are very space convenient. Vacuum bags are bags that can be used for flexible packaging and includes the process of removing excess air before the bag is completely sealed; this process is done in order to preserve fresh foods.

Technical aspects

Vacuum Packaging where previously considered a very plain packaging pouch that removed excess air, but pouch direct offers more than just your ordinary vacuum bag. We provide a stock selection as well as a custom selection of all our vacuum bags that allow you to customise vacuum bags according to your brands requirements. Vacuum bags are able to preserve produce and market your brand simultaneously. All our vacuum bags have been tested and proved to be safe for the use of all product forms. Plastic films used within the production process include PPE, BOPP, MET, LLDPE, PVC and PET. The combination of these various plastic films adds to the overall strength and flexibility of vacuum bag styles .Our minimum order for stock vacuum bags are 1000 units and all custom orders have a minimum order quantity of 15000 units. All stock vacuum bags and custom vacuum bags are produced as laminated bags thus enhancing the scratch resistant feature. Clear graphic imagery can be printed on custom vacuum pouches as we utilise the rotogravure process, allowing us to print up 9 colours. Vacuum bags are popular for the packaging of fresh produce but also cater for markets such as;

  • Meat packaging
  • Poultry packaging
  • Fish packaging
  • Dried fruit packaging
  • Organic food packaging

Advantage of product use

The use of vacuum packaging provides companies who wish to invest in them with advantageous benefits such as;

  • Company branding and product information can vibrantly and visually be displayed on custom printed vacuum bags
  • Vacuum bags provide customer convenience upon purchase
  • Vacuum bags are consumer luring and shelf friendly
  • Bags can be customized to suit individual brands and product preference.
  • High barrier lamination ensures durability of vacuum bags and provides overall product protection.
  • Material properties of packaging material assist with elongating shelf life of commodities being packaged.
  • Vacuum bags are space convenient and is suitable for effective distribution and storage

Visuals and features of product

Vacuum bags are a very effective form of flexible packaging for packaging of frozen foods .The most popular selections for meat packaging would be vacuum bags as excess air is removed and bags can be placed in freezer thus ensuring double product protection. The materials used in the production process of vacuum bags allow bags to be freezed and reheated at later stage. pouch direct provides a stock selection of either a

  • Clear vacuum bags
  • Frosted vacuum bags

Bags can be produced in various sizes dependent on size required. Stock sizes of vacuum bags include: 50g, 70g, 100g, 150g, 250and 500g. Other features that can be added to the pouches include;

  • Re’ sealable zippers
  • Bags include a high degree of transparency allowing clearly product viewing
  • Bags can be hot-filled
  • Vacuum bags are puncture resistant
Transparent Bags

Transparent Bags

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches

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