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Nowadays packaging has become utmost important for the safe storage and transportation well as for the effective marketing and advertisement of the products. Manufacturers have been using various packaging solutions including plastic bags for their products.

Oxo-Degradable Plastic Bags

Although plastic bags have a very real negative impact on the environment, they are used extensively around the world. But if you are more conscious to environment, want to rescue the environment and want to use eco-friendly packaging solution, then our oxo-degradable plastic bags would be one of the best options for you. These bags are useful for packaging various products from diverse industries including

  • Snack food packaging
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Meat packaging
  • Coffee and tea
  • Cheese packaging
  • Frozen food and lots more.

Now a day oxo-degradable bags have become essential for preserving the environment and they are a lifesaver for the environmental problems of our globe. Moreover, these bags are a better option for the transport of food without being affected by moisture or temperature. We manufacture our oxo-degradable plastic bags by using FDA approved materials that will allow the bags to completely decompose after a period of time.

Our Oxo-Degradable bags are transparent, moisture resistant and can withstand the load as a conventional package. There is variety of oxo-degradable plastic bags like doypack packages, side gusset bags, stand up pouches, vacuum and Kraft paper bags, all are oxo-degradable packaging. These bags are also inclusive of various accessories such as

  • Zip closure
  • Euro slot
  • Degassing valve
  • Tear notch
  • Transparent window

These features provide better preservation of the products as well as better consumer convenience. We also offer custom printed oxo-degradable bags with company logo, brand name, bar-code and nutritional as well as other important information, which would be able to fascinate consumers to buy the products.

So you are able to find that our oxo-degradable plastic bags are versatile, durable and classy, which surely create an effective impression in the mind of the customers. Because our oxo-degradable bags do not harm to the environment, they are preferred by all.

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