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About Us

Standup Pouches, based in Australia, has been providing effective packaging solutions to countries all around the world for more than 30 years. We manufacture packaging materials of esteem and durable standards; we are known for carrying out the rotogravure method in our all printing processes and are capable of using up to 9 colours, graphical imagery can be imprinted at 600 dots per inch which in turn enhances clarity and colour of our packaging products. All packaging material produced at standup pouch  is produced with adapting the attitude of protecting the environment thus producing biodegradable bags. We have highly skilled graphical designers that are capable of providing effective designs if you don’t have one in mind. We believe in offering excellent services and building long lasting relationships. Packaging material produced at standup pouch is product safe and can be used to package commodities of various forms, ranging from; coffee beans, powders and liquid substances. We ensure that packaging is flexible thus strengthening the ease of distribution. We provide pouches and rolls that are cost effective making production of packaging feasible for even start up businesses. Flexible packaging options available for production include;

    • Twist wrap rolls
    • Paper Bags
    • Measuring Scoops
    • Popcorn Bags
    • Chicken bags
    • Stand Up Pouch
    • Flat Bottom pouch
    • Side seal Gusset Bags
    • Food Containers
    • Vegetable Bags
    • Spout Pouches