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The consumption rate of side seal gusset bags has increased as side gusset bags are a modern, flexible and convenient which makes it package friendly. It can be used for products of various markets. The material used within production process of side gusset bags ensures that bags are safe for food products. Branding can clearly and effectively be displayed on these flexible pouches.

Technical aspects
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pouch direct produces side seal gusset bags in an option of either a stock or custom selection. Minimum quantity order for stock pouches are1000 units and custom pouches have a minimum order of 15000 units. Side seal gusset bags are available with two sealing variations; one with a side seal or the other with a center seal. One-way degassing valves can be fixed to side seal gusset bags, if you are packaging coffee to release excess gas. This packaging style can be designed in such a way that it includes high graphical imagery to effectively display brand’s essence. Side seal gusset bags are produced with a selection of either laminated, metalized or aluminum foils films. High barrier films are used in the production of side seal gusset bags, which enhances the humidity properties of pouch. High barrier properties also heighten the capability of preserving products packaged for longer periods of time. High quality plastic films are used in the production such as; LLDPE, BOPP, PET and PVC to ensure that side seal gusset bags present optimal customer appearance. Markets favoured by this style of pouch include;

  • Organic foods packaging
  • Coffee beans packaging
  • Organic baby food packaging
  • Ground coffee packaging
  • Pet food packaging
  • Nuts and dry fruit packaging

Advantage of product use

The use of side gusset bags provides companies who wish to invest in them with advantageous benefits such as;

  • Company branding and product information can vibrantly and visually be displayed on side gusset center seal bags
  • Side seal gusset bags provide customer convenience upon purchase
  • Gusset bags are self standing making it more consumer luring and shelf friendly
  • Bags can be customized to suit individual brands and product preference.
  • High barrier lamination ensures durability of sides seal gusset bags and provides overall product protection.
  • Material properties of packaging material assist with elongating shelf life of commodities being packaged.
  • Lower breakage cost, in comparison to glass packaging
  • One-way degassing valves ensure that side gusset bags, being packaged with coffee beans, won’t rupture during distribution process.

Visuals and features of product
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Side seal gusset bags are a very modern form of packaging coffee and other commodities .The most popular selections for coffee packaging chosen by coffee merchants include side gusset with side seal bag as this bag makes provision for branding while maintaining shelf appealing and consumer luring. pouch direct provides a stock selection of stock selection of side gussets bags in the following colour variations:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver

Side gusset bag finishing’s can include an option of a matt or shiny/ gloss finish. Bags can be produced in various sizes dependent on size required. Stock sizes of side gusset bags include;250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg. Other features that can be added to the pouches include;

  • Re’ sealable zipper options
  • One –way degassing valves options
  • Tear notches (which makes tearing of pouches convenient)

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