Moisture Absoerbers

Swiss Pack now comes with product which protects and helps extending the shelf life of products that is Oxy-Mist Moisture Absorbers widely known as Silica Gel.

We got solutions to the below problems related food and other products:

  • Are You Expensive Products Suffering From Moisture Problem?
  • Are you worried about Mold and Fungus Growth in Food Products?
  • Is the export material facing a problem of moisture and spoiling the goods?
  • Does Soggy Dried Fruits And Jerky Items Taste Differently?
  • Does Shelf Life of Any Product a problem For the Profitable Business?

With Oxy-Mist Moisture Absorbers, we provide best effective solutions for the ill effects of moisture in the products. Silica Gel is Non toxic, so we can use in the food products to absorb the moisture and prevents the growth of Mold. However it is not advisable to eat the Silica gel.

We have a wide variety of size for Food grade Silica gel sachets to best suit your needs.

Sizes: 1 gram, 2 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 50 gram

These moisture absorbers sachets are very useful and convenient to use. When Silica gel sachets are kept with food products in a properly sealed packaging, it absorbs the available moisture from the packaging and helps the product to stay fresh and crispy.

In many items, moisture encourages the growth of mold, mildew, Corrosion, Rust and spoilage in food products. Condensation may also damage other items like electronics and may speed the decomposition of chemicals, such as those in vitamin pills. Through the inclusion of silica gel packets, these items can be preserved longer.


  • Protect Food products from Moisture effects
  • Keep Cargo Containers free from Condensation
  • Safeguard Pharmaceuticals Products against the Moisture problems
  • Keep your Vitamins & Nutritional supplements free from the Moisture
  • Prevent the Corrosion and Oxidization in the Metals
  • Keep Moisture away from your Leather products
  • Keeps Agricultural seeds and fertilizers free from Moisture
  • Keeps your wardrobe dry and mold free
  • Avoid dullness of Razor blades
  • Assist in drying process of flowers
  • Save a wet cell phone
  • Preserves your valuable ornaments
  • Protect your wedding dress and Suites from the mold and mildew
  • Keep Camera equipments moisture free and dry
  • Protect your priceless pictures from the Moisture
  • Clear up the Foggy windshield in your Car
  • Keep Spices, Herbs, Bakery products and Pet food dry
  • Keep makeup bags and travel bag dry.
  • Keep your Gym bag and First–Aid bag moisture free
  • Widely used in Containers of Air system (Air Compressor)
  • Containers of Cat litter

To get the best & most effective results, use appropriate size of Silica gel sachets in multi layer pouches and airtight containers.